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I changed my profile pic! Heres how my audience can recognize me now! Meet my Mii racer in Mario Kart 8!
  • Mood: Joy
• Only have the UNOWN forms in your party.

• Rotation battle

• QUALIFICATIONS! Have caught every UNOWN form in your PC box and also have a sheet showing a picture list of the UNOWN together alphabetically.

• first sent out UNOWN is the first letter try forming a 6 letter word

• When you have sent out the final UNOWN it is your opponents chance to remember what every UNOWN represents and read the 6 letter word.

• 1 point is scored for winning a point is scored for guessing the opponents word.

• If you fail too read the word correctly then 2 points are scored to the victor!

• If you and your opponent keep reading each others words correctly you have too battle it out again!

• If you want to use abbreviated words first ask your foe if he/she is OK with it before you battle, if abbreviation is approved then it is recommended you both do it.
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Listening to: Smash bros theme
  • Reading: 3DS screen
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  • Playing: The Super Smash Bros special demo version.
  • Eating: nothing
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So I was one of the Platinum selected Club Nintendo members too get 4 demo codes in my email! And (Singing it: I GET TOO PLAY THE UNLIMITED VERSION FOR AS MUCH AS I WAAA-AANT! YEAH!!!) So I tried all the of the 5 characters and I mostly like playing as Link or Pikachu. But who am I really excited about playing as when the full retail game comes out? Let's see! Shulk! Lucario! King Dedede! Mr.Game&Watch! Mega Charizard X! Greninja! Princess Peach! Yeah those are who I want to play. My main in Brawl back when the Wii made sense was Mr.Game&Watch but that's gonna change cuz now that Shulks in... ITS TIME FOR THE MONADOS POWER!!! BACK SLASH!!! I'M REALLY FEELIN' IT! Ooooh hype save me!
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Reading: Internet
  • Watching: Internet
So far the experience has been an awesome ride! I love my Shield portable just hope that Halo comes on it soon since I can't see myself buying any of the Xbox consoles. So now I have the 3DS, Wii U PS3 PSP and the SHIELD! I own all the portables in the world!
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Reading: Internet
  • Watching: Internet
Ok so I'm not entirely a Pokemon fan. More like a half fan I don't watch the anime or collect the trading cards. I just play the games, I don't even own every single Pokemon game in existence. Before Pokemon was just a problem in my life but now I play just some of them. So the only ones I play are Pokemon Y and Pokemon Soul Silver thats it! Pokemon has mostly annoyed me with the designs. But I am excited for this website that lets me create my own trainer card! So I'm making one now!
  • Mood: Joy
  • Playing: Tomodachi Life
Ok since I've started playing Tomodachi Life some very interesting things happened so far.
I was able to get Princess Peach to marry Tails! Yes Sega marries Nintendo! Alright feel free to let the hate flow in the comments! After that then I got Zelda to marry Ratchet the Lombax! LOL! Now to clear things up I have to Mii's for Zelda one from Twilight Princess and one from Spirit Tracks. They both can't be named Zelda right' So I have that problem fixed. Zelda from Spirit Tracks is named Zelda mini, I kno its kinda weird cuz you wouldn't name your kid Zelda mini right? Mini is a description! But it works because they're Mii characters and its just a game. So Zelda mini and Ratchet even though they are kids and kids can't get married in Tomodachi Life. But you can use the age-o-mattic on both of them at the same time and then after they've proposed they do get married so... YAY!

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