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I changed my profile pic! Heres how my audience can recognize me now! Meet my Mii racer in Mario Kart 8!
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Reading: Internet
  • Watching: Internet
Ok so I'm not entirely a Pokemon fan. More like a half fan I don't watch the anime or collect the trading cards. I just play the games, I don't even own every single Pokemon game in existence. Before Pokemon was just a problem in my life but now I play just some of them. So the only ones I play are Pokemon Y and Pokemon Soul Silver thats it! Pokemon has mostly annoyed me with the designs. But I am excited for this website that lets me create my own trainer card! So I'm making one now!
  • Mood: Joy
  • Playing: Tomodachi Life
Ok since I've started playing Tomodachi Life some very interesting things happened so far.
I was able to get Princess Peach to marry Tails! Yes Sega marries Nintendo! Alright feel free to let the hate flow in the comments! After that then I got Zelda to marry Ratchet the Lombax! LOL! Now to clear things up I have to Mii's for Zelda one from Twilight Princess and one from Spirit Tracks. They both can't be named Zelda right' So I have that problem fixed. Zelda from Spirit Tracks is named Zelda mini, I kno its kinda weird cuz you wouldn't name your kid Zelda mini right? Mini is a description! But it works because they're Mii characters and its just a game. So Zelda mini and Ratchet even though they are kids and kids can't get married in Tomodachi Life. But you can use the age-o-mattic on both of them at the same time and then after they've proposed they do get married so... YAY!
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Watching: Video on Amazon's page for the Fire phone
Whats your thoughts on Amazon's new phone? I'm more impressed with the Fire phone than I am with the Windows 7 phone. Originally I only liked the Windows 7 phone because it had a user friendly interface. But the Fire phone is almost like the Wiimote built in your phone where motion control/tilting the phone takes the priority of how you use the phone. Sure you can just tap but if you want to be even more lazy just tilt the phone! It takes the Wiimote too a whole new level! I really want it! The iPhone and iPad's never impressed me. I like to see what other companies are doing because I know someone's looking over their shoulders when they announce a new product! If your out to get the Fire phone tomorrow? I hope you enjoy it! Let me know how it functions! PLEASE?
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Playing: Art Academy Sketchpad for Wii U
So I just found I can upload my drawings and stuff from Art Academy Sketchpad on my Wii U by suspending the game app opening the internet browsing, then by obviously... going to the submit art page in DeviantArt! I don't need Wii U image share that so called web app that only supports limited social networks. DeviantArt not included. I was so thrilled, I used to just use Wii U image share to share stuff on my own Fb profile that was until I tried this just to see if it worked. I wanted to add a photo to the Nintendo 3DS Guild a group I'm apart of on Facebook! Once I saw that I could actually choose the size of the image to upload and add a text before I post! (HUUUUUUUGE GRIN! ON FACE)! I'm like TOTALLY TRYING THIS ON DEVIANTART! BAM! 3 new uploads!
  • Mood: Sadness
  • Playing: Pokemon Y for 3DS
Me and my friend went to a Best Buy to try out Super Smash bros for 3DS. One of the people in line wanted to battle with me I made sure too tell him I had mostly hacked Pokemon. Before the battle I think I chose the wrong...? Well I kno I chose the wrong Pokemon to be in my party for Pokemon Y, he used Giratina as his first Pokemon. I'm not familiar with Giratina cuz I hated that Pokemon's design so I never bothered to catch him, train him, learn about him. I tried to be fair by not having much legendaries in my party. But its Pokemon! If people don't like others playing with legendaries then Pokemon isn't for you! Also people need to just shut up about hackers and cheaters. Downloading hacked Pokemon or cheating in Pokemon doesn't make you an evil Pokemon trainer it makes you a different type of Pokemon trainer. THATS ALL! But using protect makes you a wuss! Seriously! It does. People always use it to waste pp and stalling and those who are afraid of solar beam! If thats why your using protect or kingshield YOUR A COWARD! The reason I downloaded my hacked Pokemon is because I'm not going to waste my time breeding all (the over 700 Pokemon) that I like just to get a shiny or high IV's or EV's! WHO THE HELL HAS TIME FOR THAT? See I value my time, thats why I'm not going to waste it breeding a hundred eggs to hatch a shiny. So stop calling me evil any way my only best Pokemon I had in the party was my shiny Miltank that knew milk drink I made a joke about Miltank using milkdrink during our battle! (; I said well u kno he's a cow so the milk must taste good probably its full of nutrients! Also since he's a cow he can drink his own milk too lol! The guy was like EWE! Now you got that image stuck in my mind! I ended up saving my Miltank as my last Pokemon stalling the battle with milk drink which is better then stalling with protect! He kept on making his Giratina use substitute and Hex which obliterated my whole party. I knew should've gave in more time for playing Pokemon that I forgot about type match ups because I was getting into Tomadachi Life recently and I was playing a lot of that over Pokemon Y. Then I decided I needed a strategy guide in case I forget my types again. Cuz Giratina really threw me off! Turns out Giratina is Ghost and Dragon type. I did have a Blastoise that knew Ice beam but it did nothing too his Giratina so thats why I figured I should've just had a lot of legendaries in my party. So thats my story of my Pokebattle epic fail.

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