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I changed my profile pic! Heres how my audience can recognize me now! Meet my Mii racer in Mario Kart 8!
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#1 My first pick will always be Krystal not because shes my favorite character out of Nintendo characters but shes my favorite in Starfox! And Nintendo needs more balanced fighters who are staff wielders all we got is Paultena. If Sakurai really cares about balance why would he only add one staff wielder too the frey. Now keep in mind Krystal's debut was in Star Fox Adventures! Which is a great way too make a spin off out of the Star Fox series. After Krystal was freed from the... wait for it crystal we learned she fights with a staff. Thats kinda like Link's sword in earlier Zelda games that shoots beams for no appearant reason. She has a great personality! Since Fox and Falco's final Smash are both the same it would be a great chance too change up final smashes for Star Fox characters with Krystal give her something different then a landmaster. Maybe that bird she was riding on the beginning of the story comes to her aid then its kinda like Yoshi's in a different way so the bird breaths fire flies around and while Krystal is riding it she can swoop down and hit foes with her staff or shoot at them!

#2 Yuga! The newest returning villain in The Legend of Zelda A Link Between World's, in my opinion Ganondorf should've been cut since Hyrule Warriors is too new and doesn't really count as a Zelda game to apply a good enough reason for Ganondorf too return. I think Smash bros should've changed it up a bit and replace Ganon with Yuga! Who would have a really unique fighting set! He's not in my list of favorite characters but I still want him portraid in Smash. His final smash could be turning all opponents into paintings summoning the giant pig beast have it fight for him then characters return to their normal selves and have to escape the wrath of Yuga! Other moves he could have is chalk drawing dimension which would be a defensive technique but only lasts a short while. He could also get mad and go on a rampage to attack ppl that can be could dash rage its where he runs so hard that his feet stomp causing little earthquakes that knock opponents off their feet.

#3 Bomberman although the games are dead and Konami lied about still being interested in making Bomberman 3D after the Hudsonsoft buyout. Bomberman would've been a great classic iconic character too add to the frey! But all his moves should be based around boms! Bomb throw, bomb hold, place bomb on ground, bomb grow, bomb shield, bomb dash, so some of these moves would mostlikely hurt bomberman a little bit in the process but he's Bomberman! He can't take more damage then his enemies! Bomb dash could be a move where placing a bomb behind Bomberman explodes then u start running too catch up with battle as it moves to a different screen area! Bomb hold is just holding a bomb before u get close enough to an enemy before you throw it. Bomb grow is a move that fattens up ur bomb and makes it stronger but be careful this leaves u vulnerable too attacks! Bomb shield is a defensive throwing u got a sword enemy coming at u quickly throw a bomb to let it explode in their face and a blow pushes Bomberman back, careful not to do this too close to the edge.
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So thats what I just watched earlier today, I was watching and recording for my reaction video on Gameenderzofficial. DUUUUDES!!!! YOU CAN'T TELL HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THE Wii U version! IT'S GONNA BE SO MUCH BETTER THEN THE 3DS VERSION! OH! What happens when the New Nintendo 3DS comes out? Are the gonna update the software for the 3DS version to make it almost as good as the Wii U version. If they do then those too versions will really be competing with eachother. Maybe thats why they didn't want to give the U.S an early release? Alright so 2 things I looked at in the trailer which I loved the most was or lets make that 3 things I loved the most! STAGEBUILDER IS RETURNING!!!! IT'S EXCLUSIVE TO THE Wii U! YOU CAN DRAW THE PLATFORMS!!!! Wonder if there is a tool that can let you decide the environment like whether its grass, rocky, ground, cliff, desert that would be useful.  And with the snapshot feature you can utuilize the gamepad by DRAWING ON UR PHOTO!!!! I'VE BEEN WANTING SO BAD TOO MAKE SARCASTIC SMASH COMICS!!!! ALRIGHT EVERONE BE PREPARED FOR EXCESSIVE DEVIANTART ACTIVITY WHEN THE WII U VERSION RELEASES! I WILL BE ON HERE ALL THE TIME POSTING MY STAGES! YEAH!!!! THEN THE LAST THING I'M EXCITED WHICH MAY BECOME MY NEW! ADDICTION! SMMMAAAAASH TOOOOUR! A NEW BOARD GAME WITH MULTIPLE BOARDS! It kinda reminds me of Fortune Street hopefully this mode can drive interest in Fortune Street cuz I hear that game didn't sell very well. I think it deserves better, it should be on Monopoly's level or higher cuz in my opinion its better then Monopoly. So anyway thats all I have to write about today I hope ur excited for Super Smash Bros U just as much as I AM!
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• Only have the UNOWN forms in your party.

• Rotation battle

• QUALIFICATIONS! Have caught every UNOWN form in your PC box and also have a sheet showing a picture list of the UNOWN together alphabetically.

• first sent out UNOWN is the first letter try forming a 6 letter word

• When you have sent out the final UNOWN it is your opponents chance to remember what every UNOWN represents and read the 6 letter word.

• 1 point is scored for winning a point is scored for guessing the opponents word.

• If you fail too read the word correctly then 2 points are scored to the victor!

• If you and your opponent keep reading each others words correctly you have too battle it out again!

• If you want to use abbreviated words first ask your foe if he/she is OK with it before you battle, if abbreviation is approved then it is recommended you both do it.
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So I was one of the Platinum selected Club Nintendo members too get 4 demo codes in my email! And (Singing it: I GET TOO PLAY THE UNLIMITED VERSION FOR AS MUCH AS I WAAA-AANT! YEAH!!!) So I tried all the of the 5 characters and I mostly like playing as Link or Pikachu. But who am I really excited about playing as when the full retail game comes out? Let's see! Shulk! Lucario! King Dedede! Mr.Game&Watch! Mega Charizard X! Greninja! Princess Peach! Yeah those are who I want to play. My main in Brawl back when the Wii made sense was Mr.Game&Watch but that's gonna change cuz now that Shulks in... ITS TIME FOR THE MONADOS POWER!!! BACK SLASH!!! I'M REALLY FEELIN' IT! Ooooh hype save me!
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So far the experience has been an awesome ride! I love my Shield portable just hope that Halo comes on it soon since I can't see myself buying any of the Xbox consoles. So now I have the 3DS, Wii U PS3 PSP and the SHIELD! I own all the portables in the world!

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